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Go Beyond Average Analytics

Brand. Customize. Unify.

Curator let's you do all of this and more by creating a beautiful website that is deeply integrated into your analytic platforms. Curator has easy-to-use, no-code tools to give you control over the entire analytics experience.  Curator allows you to do more with your analytics, all while letting you launch your analytics site or product in days instead of months. Make all of your content more discoverable, easier to use, and more exciting to engage, improving user adoption and retention.

Brand Your Analytics

A Better Presentation means a Better Experience.

Just like a work of art on display, we take your amazing dashboards and provide the right frame for them to be enjoyed.  We add context and style to uplift your users' experience. With Curator, you can even target different styles based on user group, creating unique experiences for your employees, vendors, customers, and executives.

Made by these Data Experts

Trusted Worldwide

If you want a glimpse into InterWorks’ distinct culture, look no further than our people. Though each person is unique in ability and background, they share a passion for helping others that underlines everything we do. When you work with us, it’s like you’re one of us – and we take care of our own. Here are a few things we'd love to help you with:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Analytics Branding
  • Custom Designs
  • Tableau Dashboarding
  • Data Platforms & Pipelines
  • IT / Data Infrastructure
  • Custom Web Development
  • User Training & Support

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