Easy Administration

Curator is built for your business. It's easy to use with no coding required so you can focus on your content and users. The majority of our customer instances are run by Analysts or Business Users. 

If you do have web development skills, you'll find that Curator is also extensible, allowing you to customize it even further with HTML, JS, and CSS. Let us worry about the vendor APIs while you build the data product of your dreams.

Build Pages

  • Content Tiles
  • Content Feeds
  • Explorer Search

External Content

  • Tableau
  • PowerBI
  • Thoughtspot
  • iFrame & Embed Codes

Organize Content

  • Keywords
  • Custom Navs

Improved UX

  • Custom Load Screens
  • Global Tableau Filtering

Exchange Info

  • Tutorials
  • Notifications
  • Dashboard Feedback forms


  • Data Manager
  • HTML / JS / CSS
  • APIs

Backend Homepage

The backend homepage provides you with a central location for all the resources you might need to effectively manage your Curator instance. From system checks, to walkthrough documentation, to direct support, everything you need is at your fingertips.  

Style Page

Curator's style page makes creating the look and feel of your brand simple. No-code tools allow you to quickly add and style brand elements while live, device-specific previews give you instant feedback on the design choices you make to allow you to iterate toward the final product faster. 

Drag n' Drop Navigation

Ordering navigation is intuitive and easily accomplished with simple drag and drop functionality. 

Styling and Branding

Curator allows you to provide an experience to your users that seamlessly integrates your analytic platforms with your brand’s look and feel to produce a beautiful, custom website. Your Curator instance can be crafted to reach a global audience, as well as tailored to individual user groups.  Customize your Curator instance  with navigation style, logos, page layout, and your company color palette to represent the company identity that your users know and trust.   

Easily Import Dashboards

Curator's interface for importing analytics content makes bringing in projects, workbooks, single dashboards, or batch importing simple and easy. Just a few dropdown menu selections, and you're all set.

Simple Dashboard Navigation

Dashboards are easily discoverable with the ability to sync navigation location by project or workbook.

Enterprise-Level Site Management

Allows you to manage several Curator instances from a central location.

Easily Add and Connect Additional Sites

A simple form page makes adding new sites easy. Managed instances can also be integrated with keywords to make global search of all managed instances possible.