Customized Experience

Not only does Curator improve the experience around analytics, it also allows you to target that experience to each user. The style, content, and features enabled can be unique to each user group. Curator has easy-to-use, no-code tools that allow you to:

  • Design websites that match your brand's look and feel
  • Craft distinct experiences for your executives, internal staff, and external vendors
  • Build data products that are white-labeled for your clients
  • Organize content for maximum impact
  • Make the content more engaging and sticky

Your Curator Homepage

The Curator homepage can be customized to give your users the experience you want them to have. Dive right in with relevant analytic content, present basic company information, or provide high-level insights with the ability to drill down into content specific to the individual user. 


Homepage featuring a blend of content including KPI scorecards, featured dashboards, and side navigation for quick access to site content categories. 

Browse through league financials, TV network analytics or seating maps within the InterWorks Sports League.


Homepage bringing you directly into a dashboard with high-level info and the ability to click in and drill down to more specific analytics. 

Follow sales, labor and location-specific trends from the InterBurger fast food chain.


Classic Style homepage featuring basic site info, framing relevant dashboards.

Delve into admissions, enrollment and student profiles at AcmeU.

Keyword Examples

Increasing content discoverability is key to improving user adoption. With Curator's keywords feature, dashboards, pages and other content can be associated with selected keywords, allowing users to pull in associated content using search. You can also determine the content that will be displayed on a page using keywords.

Group Overrides

Group overrides allow you to customize the portal based on who is logged in at the time. Set branding elements, color scheme, and layout as desired for different groups based on their individual needs.

Create light mode or dark mode experiences

Create completely different experiences in a single site


Curator tutorials provides the ability to improve the usability of your dashboards by guiding users through the experience with detailed instructions and added context.


Notifications can be set locally to specific pages or globally to the entire site to make users aware of things like updates, outages, events, and more.

Terms of Service

Legal requirements can be fulfilled with an easy to create document.